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Chea Chee Tan

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Real Estate Representative

Chea Chee Tan


Being part of the team at Glenn Dias Real Estate, provides me a platform to showcase my abilities in various areas such as project management, leasing and selling of property. I am a hardworking individual who is motivated, goal-oriented and dedicated and I always aim to achieve the best results in whatever I do. My priority is to ensure that customers are being served to the highest standards. I am very focussed on getting a clear understanding of our client’s needs and requests so that I can work with high efficiency and effectiveness. In carrying out my duties I rely on my educational qualifications that include a Bachelor of Business (Property) from the University of South Australia. I combine formal knowledge with practical experience gained during my internship at the University of South Australia Facilities Management Unit where I was Assistant Commercial Property Manager. I also draw on my background in business and my extensive knowledge in the area of Property Management in carrying out work diligently and with great accuracy. I am fluent in English and Chinese and have undertaken work experience in the role of International Student Ambassador at UniSA where I assisted future students in Australia and overseas. Real Estate has and will always be a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing my ideas and insights with anyone that has or develops an interest in Real Estate. If you are planning on buying, selling or would just like to understand more about the Real Estate scene in South Australia, get in touch with me for a personalised and caring customer experience.