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Pavel Aizenberg


I am a strongly goal-oriented person and I am determined to make a mark in Real Estate. Living in Blair Athol (SA) I am an expert in the suburb and surrounding areas and you can see me daily canvassing business in the neighbourhood. I was educated at the Far East Academy for Public Service and I have been exposed to a wide range of operations including law, finance and management. My experience includes working for public service in Municipal housing management, managing Municipal housing funds and in special cases representing the Town Hall in Court. I have also gained valuable experience as the owner of a Real Estate business exposing me to Real Estate Sales, Management, Land Sales, Land Development. Since re-locating to Australia in 2011 I have held a variety of roles and have returned to Real Estate in 2015 as that is the profession I have a great passion for. People who know me describe me as sociable, communicative, disciplined and responsible. On a personal note, I immerse myself in culture particularly the arts, human intellectual achievements, painting, architecture, literature, music and science. Being multi-lingual I love poetry specifically English, American, Russian, Spanish and German. I am a "addicted" to books and write a little bit myself. Besides the arts I am keen on long distance running and bicycle riding. Get in touch with me if you would like to talk to me on anything concerning Real Estate!