In recommending people to invest and build up property portfolios I am often challenged by the question of how much is enough. The starting point is clear, but where to stop is often clouded by greed and ambition.

This question became all the more pertinent on reading an article about the philosopher Epicurus (1) in which the author encourages the reader to temper “the destructive ethos of consumerism” prevalent “in societies of abundance and gross inequality”. As this connected with my blog from 9th March I found tremendous relevance in the article. One cannot deny that in searching for happiness humankind has embarked on a desperate hunt for material possessions and sensory gratification. This in turn has given rise to addictive consumerism and substance abuse. While the point of this Newsletter is not to discuss philosophical issues the relevance for those connected with Real Estate is to ensure that that we keep in mind Epicurus’ “Theme of Limits” which states that: “One must regard wealth beyond what is natural as of no more use than water to a container that is full to overflowing”.

(1) “In Pursuit of Happiness”, The Australian 23-34 February 2013

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